A collaboration in process...

To copy nature is a spineless activity; it gives us a sense of our mere existence by hardly more than that. But to imitate nature involves the verb; we then ourselves become nature, and so invent an object which is the extension of the process.
— William Carlos Williams

Three Artists Bernadette Howard, Brooke Holve, and Catherine Richardson works draw attention to processes of making.  Through experimentation, selection of tools, physical and intuitive engagement, each emphasize formation as process rather than immutable form.  They gravitate toward processes that mimic natural occurring phenomena, ie. freezing, rusting, burning, evaporating.

It is this act of making that brings us three artists together to reconsider process as collaboration, considered in the past particularly by the Dadists and Arte Povera movement.



Bernadette's active and somatic approach to painting is driven by her desire to capture the experience and ethereal qualities reflected in the waking moment from a dream.  She explores the materials of ash, pigment, ink, and paint medium as she sifts, adds, stirs, subtracts, separates, mixes, throws, pours, splatters, squeegees, sands, draws, paints.



Brooke's physical and poetic approach to constructions and artist books is driven by her desire to materialize language and experience in space.  She explores the materials, of papers, organza silk, rust, inks, paint, book remnants, and language as she cuts, pastes, writes, scans, glues, sands, tears, prints, screens, rusts, layers, paints, sprays, burns, constructs.



Catherine's creative approach is physical and intuitive as she circumnavigates space and materials within the rectangular walls of her work space.  She investigates paper, ink, marble dust, paint, salt as she freezes, thaws, scans, prints, paints, mixes, tears, cuts, squeegees, hammers, nails, sands, glues, sprays, layers, draws.

We work separately while periodically we meet at one or other's studio to dialog and weave our strands of discovery into a developing direction.  As it becomes apparent we will each feature the collaborative effects.

This 3 Artists site will be changing as the collaboration evolves...

This site features such works with links to:
Brooke Holve's https://www.brookeholve.com/3-artists-ing_process-reconsidered pages
Catherine Richardson's https://www.catherinerichardsonart.com/collaboration/ pages

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